Gas Suppression Systems

SMART gas suppression systems are part of our fire fighting initiatives. Our gas fire suppression solution is based on the use of chemical substances and inert gases. These are termed clean agent suppression systems as they do not leave any residue behind after extinguishing a fire. Our gas fire suppression solution Our gas suppression security solution acts best with our fire detections and alarm system.

SMART gas suppression system is activated by a fire detection system. This system consists of a gaseous extinguisher contained in cylinders, release valves, extinguisher delivery pipeline, and dispersion nozzles. This entire system gets activated when there is fire detection system installed in the same place. Once this fire detection and alarm system gets activated it initiated releasing of the extinguisher in the gas suppression network.

The extinguisher is released from all nozzles simultaneously filling the entire surroundings with the inert gas. After fire is extinguished the entire premise stays clean since the gas used is inert or non-reactive.

If such a fire safety gas suppression solution is installed in your premise, then one safety precaution needs to be followed. On hearing a fire alarm the place needs to be vacated immediately as the released gas might cause suffocation. Though the gas used is inert and does not cause harm if inhaled, it does not support breathing also. Harm cold be caused due to suffocation.

Our support:

We carry out a thorough training session for members of an organization after installing our fire safety gas suppression solution. It helps in understanding of the operation of this system and also the precautions needed to be followed. We ensure proper functioning of the system through regular checks and maintenance visits.