Fire Detection & Alarm System

Fire detection and alarm system: Best solutions by SMART Automation

Fire detection and alarm system is advisable for each and every type of building, especially those used by several persons or located in crowded places. Such systems are mandatory for commercial buildings, factories, public buildings and condominiums. Although these alarms are not mandatory for bungalows and private homes, they should ideally be there. We at SMART have fire detection and alarm products for every kind of establishment.

Automatic fire detection and alarm system – These systems only warn the occupants of a building about the occurrence of fire and do not prevent or fight it. Normally smoke or heat detectors are fitted in a scattered manner on ceilings of rooms and common areas. These alarms are fitted to output devices which could either be audible or visual. Audible output devices are in the form of hooters, sirens, bells, buzzers, voice drivers, or horns. Visual devices include LED’s, strobe lights, and on/off site printer.

These detectors and output devices constitute fire detection and alarm integrated solution offered by us. A fire detection and alarm setup is neither a preventive nor fighting system, but only a warning solution.

Heat detectors – Usually two types of heat detectors are used: i) fixed temperature; and ii) rate of rise. In fixed temperature type, a detector triggers signals when the surrounding temperature goes beyond a set temperature. ‘Rate of rise’ detectors sense danger only when surrounding temperature increases suddenly. Under normal conditions where temperature of a room increases as the day progresses from morning to afternoon the rate of change is gradual, and is not sensed by these heat detectors. These ‘rate of rise’ variety of detectors are used in our industrial fire detection and alarm system.

Smoke detectors – We at SMART offer three kinds of smoke detectors:

  • Ionization smoke detector – This automatic fire detection system is most commonly used in homes, and enclosed no-smoking areas. These recognize smoke particles and activate fire alarms.
  • Photoelectric smoke detector – Light emitted from these detectors get scattered when striking smoke particles and activate photoelectric cells setting off an alarm.
  • Beam type detector – We install these detectors in large open areas like a courtyard.