Access Control System

Access Control System: Offered by Smart Automation

Access control system as the name suggests is a device arrangement that regulates entry to a building or an area inside a building, for instance the strong room inside a bank. A mechanical lock and keys is the basic access control system for a house or office. However, now it is a highly sophisticated arrangement that uses basic electronic to highly sophisticated computing devices. SMART access control system and devices are among the most effective in the market. The principal idea behind installing access control security device is to restrict the entry of unwanted persons inside a premise or enclosure.

We at SMART offer various types of access control security devices which are applicable for both domestic and industrial purposes: access card, biometric controls, and face recognition security devices.

Access Cards – Access cards are essentially electronic keys that allow entry through doors secured by SMART card access control system. Each person is given a card with unique codes compatible to a controlling unit. These are of the same size as credit cards and could be carried in a wallet. These cards are normally used by members of an office or factory employees.

Biometric access control system – Biometric devices offer greater security as it verifies finger prints, palm scan, or retina scan. Doors only open when these match with recorded data in a controlling unit. This security system is installed in high security areas. We also do installations of biometric security devices for homes.

Face recognition access control – This is an extended form of biometric security devices. Here the device recognizes your face to allow access. Like all other access control systems these are installed at the entrance to your home or office.

At SMART we are always concerned about the security of homes and work places. We customize access control systems as per your exact requirement.