Security & Safety

Security and Safety for Smart Homes

For any home, security is a prime consideration. With incidents of house breaking and burglary on the rise in and around Gurgaon, it has become even more necessary for homes to be secured. Home safety has become such a concern that SMART has created a division committed to offering security solution for home. Security from external threats and safety from fire are the major areas of focus.

Access control and security system

Our specialty lies in designing automated home security systems that restrict the movement of unidentified persons and keep a vigil in and around your house. In effect these are effectuated by our access control and surveillance systems respectively. Immense efforts are spent on designing customized safety systems for SMART homes. Though there are standard security solutions, we always insist on customized options as they take care of your exact needs. Certain suggestions would help you in choosing the correct security solution for your home.

Access control

Access control devices are meant to control the access of persons through a gate or door. At gate, this control takes the form of an iron lever that is pulled up for allowing a vehicle in. Unknown vehicles might not be allowed inside. However entry bars are not a common form of security. The commonest form of automated access control takes the form of secured entrances only operable through swiping of access cards. Cards with encrypted data are swiped through a slot for allowing entry across a door. If this encrypted data fails to match with stored ones, then access is denied. Better form of access control is achieved by installing biometric controls at entrances. These recognize finger prints, retina image, or palm print. These being unique cannot be copied by duplicated thereby ensuring a perfect security solution.

Cameras and CCTV (close circuit television)

For bungalows with multiple entrances and expansive premise, it is desirable to have cameras installed in strategic locations inside a compound. These cameras are connected to monitors forming a surveillance system. The cameras are operable under all weather cameras and can function round the clock seven days a week. Pictures captured by these cameras could be stored and used as evidence and reference as and when needed.