Industrial Automation

Smart power management and security of your commercial space / office

Reduction of Operating Costs, Absolute Safety and Power Management by optimizing energy usage thereby increasing profitability is the essence of the sustainability of a commercial building or space. Industrial automation is the solution where as an industrialist you enjoy convenience and efficiency at its best. We, Smart Automation Technologies, having transformed many traditional industries to energy efficient green buildings are a trusted name in industrial automation solutions.

Our objective is enhancing convenience, facilitating security, creating green buildings cost effectively, and improving your overall business efficiency. Innovation is what we focus on. With our industrial automation solutions, you get true value for your money. The lighting solutions, sensor based lighting, blinds control, access control, alarm systems, surveillance systems, and other products offered under the Smart banner represent globally reliable brands. Because we believe in delivering the best!

Who Should Go for Building Automation?

  • Hotels
  • Individual commercial space in malls and trade buildings
  • Complete malls and trade buildings
  • Offices related to all industry segments
  • Factories
  • Schools
  • Institutes
  • Hospitals, and more.


Benefits of Office / Industrial automation

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  • Power management, thereby saving energy and saving money
  • Big savings on operational costs
  • Contribution to a green environment
  • Enhanced productivity through value addition
  • Central monitoring and control through SMART central system
  • Control of complete space with the touch of an icon or button
  • Enhanced aesthetics on interior décor, turning it more attractive
  • Keep tab on the progress in your office/space and veiled threats
  • Ensure complete security and safety of commercial space with access control and surveillance systems like CCTV cameras.

Let’s understand these Benefits in a little detail!

Lighting Solutions

One of the biggest business expenses is the monthly electricity bill. Why not cut your energy load with green lighting solutions from Smart? The smart way of cutting your office / commercial lighting is using a blend of LED lights and motion sensor based lighting. Stress-free control of exterior and interior lights becomes easy with sensor based lighting. It is based on occupancy that the lights will turn on and off automatically.

Why use LED lights for your industrial space? LED lights consume 80 percent less energy compared to traditional lights. They last long, require low maintenance, rank high on energy saving parameters, are compact and highly efficient, add to the interior décor, emit negligible heat, and the list goes on.

Security Solutions

Central surveillance is the essence of an office or any commercial space. Installation of a combination of access control systems, alarm systems, gas leak sensors, smoke detectors, CCTV cameras, hidden cameras, and other Sensors and Detectors linked to a central monitoring system ensures complete security. Surveillance systems facilitate tracking of inventory besides keeping tab on open and veiled threats. A secured corporate / business milieu and overall enhanced productivity, and thus growth of your business, is what you enjoy with SMART security solutions.

Automation Controllers and Accessories

It is a blend of LAN and networking, cables and wires, PLC and SCADA, touch screen panels, and other control systems that enables automated functioning of lights, HVAC, curtains, electronic appliances, audio/video, etc. All systems and devices are integrated and linked to a centralized control, generally a smart user interface such as Smartphone or I-pad. Preferences vary from home to home and workplaces. Installation and functioning of the automation systems can be programmed and customized to suit individual or commercial preferences.

PLC or programmable logic controller is a digital computer used for controlling and managing mechanical components and activities electrically. It comes with multiple inputs and outputs and can operate under extended temperature ranges. Resistant to vibration and impact, backed by options of non-volatile and battery-backed memory, and equipped with programming languages and communications capabilities, the PLC can perform numerous tasks at a moment.

SCADA or supervisory control and data acquisition is the solution when it comes to data collection and monitoring, especially in controlling large-scale processes encompassing large distances and multiple sites. It is generally used in industrial and infrastructure processes besides private and public facilities (buildings and entire premises spread over large areas) to monitor and control energy consumption and automate electrical activities. The complete centralized system in the SCADA is interconnected through computer networks.

With the click of an icon or button on any surface technology interface like keypad, smart phones, touch-screens, PC, and remote controllers, you can monitor and control every activity right from choosing the ambience, managing the lights, changing the internal weather, moving the curtains, and following other energy saving parameters. Reliability, performance and ease of use are what we prioritize on. We have the equipment and understanding to meet your industrial or office automation needs.

Lighting control of the complete space with green lights, board room and meeting room power point control, projector monitoring, fire and smoke detection, installation of surveillance systems (CCTV, etc), access control, tracking of your inventory, blinds control, alarm controls, power management, custom security system, managing HVAC, decrease of greenhouse gas emissions and more – our industrial / office automation solutions encompass all. We follow energy saving parameters in every project we deliver besides ensuring complete security.

We are committed to re-define and re-invent the overall dynamics of the way you work and enjoy. Work is made fun with SMART industrial automation solutions. Our SMART Experts are trained to deliver the best, satisfying you beyond your expectations, beyond your imagination. We are committed towards transforming your commercial/office space or premises into intelligent sites. Approach us with your requirements and our SMART Experts, integrating their creativity with innovative automation solutions, will provide what you exactly want. We are your trusted single-window partner for life; our endeavor is to make your business secure and cost saving for a sustainable operational excellence and increased productivity.