Mood lighting ideas for your home with LEDs

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LED lighting has several benefits for modern day homes. Being colourful and energy efficient these are a new craze among home owners. LED lighting system is a creation not only to economise on your power bills but also to bring a change in our home decor. An interesting aspect about these light emitting diodes is their illumination capability without being too bright to your eyes. These have a subdued brightness that creates a soothing ambiance. In cases of automated lighting solutions, it is possible to have an assortment of colourful displays of LEDs in your living room, bed room, and other areas of your house or apartment. As these are available in multiple colours, you could choose as many shades as you desire.

A wider selection of illumination pattern

An automated system enables you to select your illumination pattern. With diodes of different colours fitted in your interiors, a display choice could be made at the controls. Depending on the time of day and occasion, these LEDs could be regulated to glow. You could have pulsating red, vibrating green, inspiring yellow or mysterious blue for setting up your mood. You could monitor your controls to have a combination colour fill up your interior.

You could rely on your trusted coloured diodes to create the exact pattern for your living room or bedroom. The control is usually at a convenient location in your apartment or bungalow. These controls could even be monitored with featured phones. Such convenient monitoring was never possible earlier. With automated lighting system it is possible to regulate illumination of your entire premise without moving from your seat. Such is the beauty of this system.

Nature of LEDs

LED is made from inorganic semiconductors like gallium arsenide, aluminium gallium phosphide, silicon carbide and so on. These are mixed in definite proportions to create diodes emitting blue, green, red, orange, yellow, and white lights. As these are not manufactured from metallic filaments or gaseous substances they last several years. The longevity of a LED is anywhere between 25,000 – 50,000 hours as compared to 1000 hours of an incandescent source, and 10,000 hours of CFL (condensed fluorescent light).

Advantages of using LED for your home

LED lighting system carries with it several advantages. They are available in multiple colours like blue, green, yellow, red, pink, and white. This coloured lighting is created by a natural process and does not involve any external agents. These are small in size and could even be added to printed circuit boards. These light up easily and achieve full brightness in a matter of milliseconds.

As LED’s are solid state components they could withstand external shocks and remain undamaged. Incandescent bulbs, fluorescent tubes, and CFL all being constructed of glass are brittle and unsafe. These require thick packing for transportation and storage. The greatest advantage of LED is their extremely high efficiency. They give the same output as a filament bulb or fluorescent tube at a much lower power input. This helps in controlling recurring costs to a considerable extent.

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