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Lighting Solutions

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Lighting automation solutions are directed at creating an ambience where illumination inside your home is in perfect correlation to that outside. This change in illumination inside depends to that of the outside without any manual intervention. We at SMART have developed this efficient lighting solution to cater to your small enjoyment in home. At SMART we have discovered that light plays a significant role in redefining home interiors. A properly installed lighting solution crates a distinctive ambience for your home. While considering a lighting system, aesthetics, architecture and interiors are given due importance. Our integrated lighting solution comprises a controller, dimming techniques, user interface and integration processes.

System controller – This is the brain behind the entire automated lighting network inside your house. On/off timing, load or intensity of each light source and speed of operation are the areas falling under the system controller.

Dimming technology – A single control is required to activate this system. Instead of multiple switches a single switch could be used for controlling the passage of current flow to all the illumination equipments inside a room. If required, dimming technology control could be integrated to include more number of source points.

User Interfaces – Home lighting automation process uses multiple interfaces for activation and control of different illumination sources. These interfaces could take the form of touch screen, keypads, and even mobile phones. Either of these is enough to replace all the switches used inside a room or inside an apartment. We customize this solution as per your exact requirements.


  • At SMART we offer comprehensive solutions and not just bits and pieces of brilliance. Our lighting system could be integrated with other home automation solutions such as security and surveillance, climate control, and home theatre.
  • User interfaces are single layered making operation of an automation system easy and complication free. Touch-screens and keypads are also used so as to create greater comfort for residents.
  • Control systems installed by us are capable of controlling light sources of all types: incandescent filaments, fluorescence tubes, CFL, and LEDs. This wide range of coverage makes us stand apart from others.
  • Continuous updates are offered thereby enabling easier modifications in future.
  • Our user friendly automation solutions are easy to operate and control.