Relax and enjoy a comfortable vacation with latest automation products

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A smart home is a secured home even when everyone is out on a vacation. Putting it the other way, a fully automated home could become a perfect venue for vacation with all its features. Integration of services like security, climate control, lighting, video, and music not only make a lovable place to spend holidays, but also create an ambiance of charm and contentment.

A home automation solution of current generation being a combination of superior technology and innovative artistry is actually an experience to be enjoyed. After your home becomes fully automated it would be just right to spend a holiday with family and friends to feel the changed environment.

Climate control

This is the most conspicuous change that could be felt for a smart home. Unlike air-conditioners or room heaters that only regulate temperature of a room, a climate control is a more comprehensive solution. Apart from maintaining an amiable temperature, this control system is capable of regulating humidity of enclosed spaces. Unwanted smoke and dust are also filtered so that your interior becomes totally pollution free. Climate control units are ideally installed in kitchens for filtering smoke and grime. If you love preparing foods, then a grime less surrounding would be perfect. Controlled air inside your kitchen makes your stay dust free and grime free.


For your home, lighting plays a vital part in overall appearance of your home. In place of fluorescent tubes and filament bulbs, LED (light emitting diode) and CFL (condensed fluorescent tube) sources are used. Both these are green products and help in protecting environment and conserving natural resources.

Through automation the entire lighting of your home could be controlled from one singular point. It is possible to reduce or increase illumination of an entire house or a few rooms from a universal control. Lights of several hues could be installed for creating a dramatic effect inside your home. Vibrant green, mysterious blue, romantic red could be monitored to glow to add to the special effects when a cinema is on in your living room.

Focused lighting is the preference of the day and there are separate lamp sources for dressing, reading, cooking, and viewing television. These are used in turns and not all switched on simultaneously. Coloured LEDs complement best a home theater comprising a giant LED screen, and woofer speakers. These light could be controlled remotely from a far off place.

Music and Video

Music and video are the two basic forms of entertainment every home needs. This becomes a distinct possibility with a home automation system. You do not need to go to cinema hall or a theater to enjoy performances. Your giant screen when complemented with dramatic lighting and home theater sound system is good enough to create a complete entertainment zone in your home. You could spend an entire evening watching your favourite film together with other family members. You could catch up with your favourite football team on a match watched on your giant television screen.

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