Gate automation is an innovative endeavour with Smart Solutions. With our automation system you are not required to get down of your car every time for opening and shutting entrance gates. Neither are you required to summon an attendant for opening the gate.

Motorized gates manufactured and installed by us are your first security check to your premise. These remotely controlled gates are operable from a particular distance thus saving you the effort to walk up and down.

Automation gates were innovated for two purposes: security, and convenience. Iron gates by themselves offer a barricade. With opening and shutting being effected through an electronic device the security for your premise is strengthened. Gate control is operable by a remote and does not require any high voltage electrical connection. If your gate is strong and high enough then you need not worry about unauthorised or unannounced intrusion of outsiders.

Our automated gate control system lets you operate it from inside your home or car. For a truly automated house, the beginning should ideally be made with your entrance. This effective means of security is particularly important in desolate areas. Even if no persons are around your automatic gates offers some form of safety from intrusions. Automated controls could also be used for garage doors and main entrance to your building. An automatically operated garage door is truly beneficial in times of rain or very powerful sunshine. Installation and operation of gate control systems is simple. However it requires professional expertise. Once installed and demonstrated operation of motorized gates become easy. After installation is complete we train your family members in operating these automatic gates. We deliver gate controls as .per your exact demand and in good time. At Smart we also take great care for our installed automated systems.