Curtains Control Solution

Best Curtain Control Solution- Smart Automation

SMART curtain control solution is directed at making living comfortable inside homes. Automated curtain control or window opening solution implies operating of blinds and curtains through remote switch or even through smart phone. It cannot be denied that pulling of curtains, especially the heavy ones, is not an easy task. Motorized curtain is the solution to such a problem.

Our automated solution enables operating blinds or curtains as per program set. They could be programmed to open in the morning to let in sunshine and shut after sundown. In case your home is in a hot place such as Gurgaon, you could program your automated window shades to stay shut during day time and open when evening sets in. Curtains and blinds are attached to sensors which are operated either through remotes or your smart phones.

In city homes, hanging of curtains are somewhat imperative because of visual pollution. Unlike hill stations or beach resorts where windows invariably open to bountiful nature, windows of city home open up to concrete jungle, garbage dumps and slums. Through SMART shade control it is possible to regulate all windows from a single source. This saves you the inconvenience of running from room to room for opening or shutting windows scattered all over your premise. Through each of these processes, SMART aims at making your home cosy and protected.

It needs to be noted that of all automation processes, our curtain control program is most commonly used. Window blinds are retracted or unfolded as per your requirement. Operations of these controls are easy either through remote switch or through your smart phone. SMART remote control system is applicable for curtains, rollers, drapes, and even rollers. With our automated curtain control solution you are able to monitor drapes and blinds in all rooms from a single source.

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