Automated Garden Sprinklers

A totally automated sprinkler system could be a costly affair, especially when it is for your home. However installing a home automated watering system could reduce your investment by a substantial amount. With SMART you could install a part of an entire automatic watering system for your garden.

A partly automated sprinkler system could be linked to your home automation control. With such a control you could program your sprinklers to spray water during certain times of a day, or perhaps during evening. Even when you are out of home these sprinklers could be monitored to sprinkle water during assigned time.Automatic system for water gardening offered by us are fitted with rain sensors. These shut off the sprinkler system when there is rainfall thereby economising on your water and power consumption.

For an automated watering system it is necessary to install electric valves that supply water to the sprinklers. Water through this valve reaches outdoor faucet and hose that delivers water to the sprinklers. The entire process of water movement could be monitored by a control unit.

Our professionals are thorough is installing such automated sprinklers for your lawns and landscaped gardens. Installation is carried out as per your interest.