AC/Fan Control Solution

Automatic A.C./ Fan control from Smart Automation

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning could become an expensive affair if proper equipments are not in place. With SMART automation you could have an energy efficient, optimized and affordable air conditioning and fan control system for your home. These are intelligent systems that regulate room temperature and air flow depending upon time of day, number of persons and environment of rooms.

Operation of these equipments is done through strategically placed temperature sensors. These sensors could be used for monitoring room temperature, fan speed, time of switching on and switching off of the entire system. You could program this climate control solution to switch on itself so that the interior is amiable when you return home from outside. These digitally controlled air conditioning systems are energy efficient and help conserving energy.

Features of our air conditioning and fan control solution-

A unique feature about our climate control solution is its central operation. Using one controlling unit it is possible to regulate room temperature, air flow, and switching timings. This saves you the inconvenience of running around from one corner of our house to another controlling your fan movement and air conditioners separately. Even a fireplace could be monitored from this single control unit.

Another outstanding aspect of our digitized climate control system is regularization of interior environment to that of the outside. Usual equipments control your home interiors arbitrarily and could make you feel uncomfortable when you come out. However our automation solutions aim at balancing the interior with the outside for creating parity. If outside conditions are soothing, then interiors are accordingly regulated so that energy consumption is reduced. This assists is controlling your monthly bills.

Energy conservation with our climate control solution

Whether you are going out for a normal working day or just for a few hours on a holiday, you could monitor your energy consumption thereby preventing wastage. Electrical equipments now-a-days are star rated according to their energy conservation capability. These are rated from 1-star to 5-star with 5-star being the most efficient. SMART air conditioning control solutions are 4 or 5 star rated thereby offering you the most effective option for your home.