Home Automation

Home Automation

What is Home Automation?

Visualize about your home taking care of itself! Think about enhanced comfort, improved convenience, robust security and smart energy management.Yes, home automation technology can influence every aspect of your daily living! Let your home surroundings be populated with controlled systems and let centralized automation and control change the way you live!

Why Home Automation?

Let not busy schedules negatively impact upon your lifestyle. Our smart automation solutions let your home take care of you the smart way. A simplified, convenient, and safe living is what you will experience, always!

Benefits of Home Automation

1. Convenience & Luxury Redefined

  • Save time and effort! Considering the hectic work schedules, everyone heads home craving relaxation.
  • Enjoy smart management of highly repetitive tasks without moving from your space via Light & Fan Control, TV Control, A/C Control.
  • Enjoy enhanced productivity, as you can focus more on other works.
  • Smart homes are a boon to the disabled and senior citizens. They can manage home systems remotely right from the comfort of their space.

2. Home Security

  • Installation of security alarms, fire alarms, smoke sensors, threat detectors, automatic lock, IVR lock systems at main gates, CCTV cameras or other surveillance devices, enables complete security in terms of next gen technology installed to achieve brilliant level of Home Security system.
  • These devices are controlled through the remote system based on PLC, which makes it easy to monitor and operate the security systems and other areas of the home.
  • Senior citizens and Kids are completely safe in the automated environment.

3. Remote Access Control & Connectivity

  • Be the commandant of your home even if you are miles away.
  • Access and Control your Smart Home remotely using Smart Automation App on your Smartphone.
  • Control your home appliances from anywhere.

4. Energy Efficiency

  • Energy control lets you save big on electricity bills month after month.
  • HVAC Controls enable you to set room temperature for each room and allows automatic Turn ON/OFF as you enter in the room or leave it. Thus you save energy!
  • Creation of green building, contributing towards saving the planet earth!

5. Easy Installation

  • Smart Home integration is done under the expert guidance of our dedicated Project Managers, so you cherish your Smart home without worrying about the installation process.
  • Smart Automation team offers seamless integration of Security devices, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning), LED lights, AV, IT, electricity, curtain control, appliances, and surface technology to give you a smooth Lifestyle transition.


You wanted it, and we are delivering it. At Smart Automation, we shape Smart Homes for a Smart Lifestyle. Gone are the days when only the wealthy could afford home automation. Creating smart homes today is no longer high-priced. The wide range of automated services we provide –automated locking and unlocking of doors, installation of security devices ,curtain control, energy management, mood lighting, AC automation and more – are customized to your precise requirements and budget. You can tap into these services remotely via centralized control from your Smartphone or Tablet.

Your Tour through a Smart Home!

Let us take you through one of the most scintillating experiences where you can intelligently control your entire home.

  • As you step in, the gate opens automatically, recognizing you and detecting your arrival.
  • When the Sun goes down , your porch Lights go On automatically.
  • Finger print/smart card/rfid enabled smart locks ensure that only home members enter the home and no one intrudes into your privacy.
  • Lighting control panels to facilitate selection of different scenes and lighting according to your mood.
  • Sensor based lighting in washrooms and pavement areas helping in significant energy savings.
  • Imagine in one touch the movie starts, your shades close and the surround sound kicks in the perfect volume.
  • You rush out to drop your kids at school. By the time you get to your office you wonder if you have locked the house. So now Check from the Phone and relax.
  • Monitor and allow/disallow entrance of visitors to your home from your Smartphone. Receive notifications on breach of security of your home in your absence on your smartphone
  • Set the mood right for yourself and your family or for those weekend parties with light controls – red or blue or any other color which defines your mindset!

Now simply live the green life without sacrificing comfort. Its easy to control your house and reduce the energy use with Home Automation.

The list of conveniences goes on. Our solutions are cost effective and non-complex. We have a pan India presence, providing maintenance and support for life. Let a little bit of SMART simplify your life. Approach us; we are just a call or click away.