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Controlling just about anything you wish in your home or commercial space automatically is surprisingly enjoyable. Automation makes your life easier, safer, more pleasurable, and more convenient. Choosing SMART, you make it happen cost-effectively. You save energy, save on your electricity bills, and save the earth. We deploy state-of-the-art technology and products – technology that never takes a break. Our advanced home automation programming makes your space a green space. Preferring SMART, you protect your home and loved ones the smart way.

Our SMART energy saving lighting systems change room dynamics, bringing dramatic effects to the complete décor. Along with energy efficient HVAC systems, advanced managed security, powerful networking, and every system that is added are all fine tuned to a central control. Putting on the TV, tuning your stereo, opening the curtains, dimming the lights, changing shades according to moods, viewing visitors at your front door on your smartphone – everything and more happens automatically with a simple touch. Protect your home from fire, water and uninvited visitors with our solutions. We are more than a automation technology and solutions provider. We are more than your maintenance expert. We are your partners for life.

Why SMART Automation Solutions?

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  • Experience convenience like never before
  • Reduction of energy consumption and saving on electricity bills
  • Use of green energy and contributing to a greener environment
  • Enhanced security and safety of home
  • Central control of all activities from smartphone or any surface technology
  • Be the commandant of your home even if you are miles away
  • Elimination of redundancy
  • Enhanced productivity; you focus more on other works
  • Automation of highly repetitive tasks
  • Easy accessibility – a boon for the elderly and the disabled
  • Enhanced sophistication and appeal of your home décor
  • Seamless integration of security, HVAC, green lighting, AV, IT, electricity, and surface technology
  • Cost effective, non-complex, efficient programming
  • Pan India presence; maintenance and support for life.


SMART Team helps you find exactly what you are looking for. Approach us; we are just a call or click away. Let SMART be your partners for life!