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Under Vehicle Scanning System

In our effort to become a comprehensive security solutions provided we have begun offering intelligent vehicle scanner system. These under vehicle scanning systems are designed to take images of an automobile’s bottom chassis for checking hidden explosives, and alterations if any. Our under vehicle monitoring system is designed to combat safety and security issues associated with motor vehicles.

Under vehicle monitoring solution designed by us make use of several items each with a specific function. Scanners are used in scanning the entire undercarriage, and integrated X-ray system checks for forbidden items like narcotics, explosives and weapons in car boot and passenger space. These scanners are surface mounted and fitted in driveways or entrances.

Several cameras of high resolution are placed in strategic places to take images of number plate, driver’s chamber and also the driver. The entire process of photo collection is completed in a matter of seconds and data recorded in remote servers.

Cameras used Megapixel cameras of high resolution are used in our intelligent vehicle scanner system. These are encased in powerful housings and are not affected by heat, water, or strong pressure. All–weather cameras ensure an interruption less surveillance of passing automobiles. These are installed in carriage ways, entrances to factory or office premises and also at strategic locations on thoroughfares.

Benefits of UVMS

SMART under vehicle monitoring system (UVMS) offers the following benefits to customers:

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[li_item]Our UVMS offers 100 percent coverage of undercarriages of vehicles[/li_item]
[li_item]Cameras being of high resolution image quality is clear allowing easy identification of foreign objects[/li_item]
[li_item]Our system even works at speeds of 30 kmph, which is much higher than the usual speed in driveways and inside building compounds[/li_item]
[li_item]All types of vehicles namely cars, coaches, lorries, trailers, and even motor bikes could be scanned;• Our UVMS is easy to install and use[/li_item]
[li_item]Prompt after sales and maintenance support[/li_item]