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Mood Lighting Solution

Mood Lighting Solution from Smart Automation

Solutions for Mood lightingInterior illumination is no longer limited to filament bulbs, fluorescent tubes and CFL(condensed fluorescent light) sources. Lighting is now more human-centric or mood-centric. Increased work pressure, worries at home, crowded roads and shopping malls contribute to your stress level which adversely affect your health. It has been found that proper illumination plays a crucial role in monitoring human mood, productivity, and genera well being. It is a proven fact that sufficient illumination has a positive impact on human mind, for which reason, majority of important and critical tasks are carried out during day time.

However, with lack of space and natural illumination most offices and institutes use artificial lighting now-a-days. Improved mood lighting system has come into existence for the specific purpose of creating a cheerful and encouraging ambience for increased productivity. In view of the psychological effects of light we have developed Smart LED lighting for creating an environment that is joyous and motivating. Lights help is creating different moods. Our mood lighting systems and LED mood lights are designed in a manner to give the exact setting for an activity. A single area, for instance your living area, could have an intelligent LED lighting system for making your ambience truly dramatic. Bright illumination during discussions, subdued hue during a candlelight dinner, and a misty ambience during a film are all possible through our LED lighting solution.

Smart LED lighting has given us the opportunity of doing up your interiors in a manner so as to create an illumination solution depending upon the work being done. It has been proved that proper illumination is the key to your psychological well being. LED lighting solution could be optimized to the exact level that is needed to stimulate different organs for a particular function such as studying, eating, or watching a football game. Secondly our mood lighting system induces emotional stimulation which contributes to positive emotions. Our Smart solution is based on technology of the future and also helps in conservation of energy. This is a vital aspect in automation solutions developed by us.