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Lighting On/Off Solutions

Lighting On/Off solution & control

Our lighting on/off solutions is extensions of our light automation solutions for your home interiors. The primary objective of our lighting control system is conservation of energy and creating a green environment by reducing pollution. As an automation solution provider it is our endeavour to constantly innovate. Even a small solution like on/off lighting system is addressed with sincerity. We feel, an automated solution must offer advantage to its fullest extent. No avenues are left unaddressed in offering a comprehensive automation solution for your home.

Normally in a home each room has a separate panel of switches for operation. These are mechanical switches requiring physical interference. Occurrences of fans left switched on while bolting doors from outside is not uncommon. Your fan stays on till you come back. Energy gets wasted and pollution is created through unwanted heat radiation. Such possibilities are totally removed with our on/off lighting control system. Once installed, the operation of all switches is centralised and could be activated even when you are outside.

Our on/off solution is capable of controlling operations of multiple switches simultaneously. Entire switching of an apartment is done through a controller accessible by a remote operator. Instructions from this remote operator reaches the concerned controller with the help of radio or infrared rays. In addition to switching a light or fan off or on, it turns them slow or dim as and when situation arises. Thus even if you forget to switch off your fan or light, they could be remotely controlled even through your smartphone.

We make a thorough study of your interiors and thereafter suggest an automated lighting solution. Its remote accessibility and controllability relieves you of the worry of switching off your lights every time you leave a room. You could switch them off using your remote. The on/off application could even be integrated to your smartphone thereby making your home lighting system more accessible.