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Lighting Dimming Solutions

Energy saving is the main criterion of electrical goods that are used presently. It is now a trend to buy appliances that are ‘energy star’ marked. Electrical gadgets are signified by their star ratings as far as their energy efficiency is concerned. In addition to using energy efficient systems, efforts should always be on for conserving energy. For homes in addition to using energy efficient gadgets, power conservation could be augmented by using LED lighting system with proper control. Our dimming LED solutions are concerned with lowering of power usage.

Our LED control conserves power through dimming. Inside homes, it is not always necessary to have lights glow to their fullest capacities. In fact having a subdued illumination is not only more amiable but also economical. Smart dimming LED control ensures energy conservation and maximum efficiency. Our light dimming systems are central in nature and could be controlled by remote mechanism. Here it might be pointed out that our energy saving dimming control is not only targeted towards economising your operations but also create an inspiring surrounding in your home. In the wake of increased aesthetics, light dimming systems are in greater demand among householders.

Dimming LED solutions of Smart are designed to offer maximum energy efficiency for your homes. Firstly LED sources by themselves consume substantially less power as compared to traditional filament bulbs, fluorescent tubes or even CFL. When this is coupled with our dimming solutions your power conservation becomes doubly efficient. With this automation solution it is possible to reduce power supply to all rooms in your apartment through a centralised control unit operated by a remote control. It is even possible to integrate this control application to your smartphone. As this control acts on radio and infra-red waves it could be monitored using your featured mobile handset. Though energy conservation is the primary objective of our light dimming systems, it adds to the aesthetic appeal of your home interiors. With a combination of bright and subdued illumination it is possible to create a dramatic environment inside your apartment.