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Pure Performance

The PSB Custom Sound amplifier is a complete solution for powering and equalizing. Amplifier has a built-in variable crossover that makes it easy to achieve a seamless blend with the main speakers, while 24dB/octave low pass filters prevent from being easily localized by the ear, increasing placement flexibility. A crossover bypass position is provided for use with home theater electronics that perform their own bass management functions. With our amplifiers systems, the world of computer music can be heard through your hi-fi system without the noise or distortion that commonly plagues analogue designs. Our NAD Power Drive circuit delivers very high dynamic power and low impedance drive to accurately control loudspeakers, resulting in musically detailed, coherent, and relaxed sound. Power Drive offers the capability of an amplifier twice as powerful without the energy drainage.

The incredible precision gives music a vibrancy and transient accuracy that must be heard to be appreciated.Due to the very high clock speed and mathematical precision of our reconstruction filters, the resulting audio signal is totally free of digital artifacts like ringing. A Pure Class A analogue stage with very low output impedance provides the perfect interface to your favorite amplifier.

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