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SMART Automation empowering the women of today!

Thursday, October 18, 2012: Which working woman has not worried while leaving for office if she has switched off the gas? Which harried mother of two would not like it if she could just watch what her kids were up to while she is busy at office?

Today’s multi-tasking woman has worries of a whole different magnitude. But, there is away out. Home Automation can add a new dimension to women empowerment.Irrespective of whether you are a busy working mother, or have older family members dependent on you or are just plain careful about home security, Smart Automation Technologies has a solution for you – and it’s as easy as going online or logging on to your smart phone!

Convenience, comfort or luxury, call it what you will, Smart Automation has solutions that can enable the modern woman to live smarter by providing customized technology solutions like:

  • Have your pot of coffee ready just seconds before your wake up in the morning
  • Mood setting the lights in your home before your husband walks in.
  • Ensuring your plants are watered at the right time every day
  • The porch lights go on at just the right time each day
  • Smart-assessment of the weather and having your home chilled for summers and warmed for winters
  • Ensuring you are saving power by having the lights & fans turned off when you’re not there

According to Mr. CP Singh, Founder & chief mentor for SMART Group, “Automation of the home can bring a marked difference in the way everyday lives are lived. By adopting the technology made available by SMART, you can ensure that everything can be controlled with the touch of a button on your smart phone or any smart interface”.

Have a maid at home to manage daily chores? When you’re not home, you are nagging about little doubts. Did you turn off the air conditioner? Did you set the security alarm? Are the kids doing their homework or watching television? With a smart home system, you could forget all your worries with a quick trip online or just checking out your smart phone. You can keep track of all that’s happening at home from your office or anywhere.

Commenting on the endless possibilities Mr. Vibhore Srivastava, Co-founder for SMART added, “Adoption of these new concepts in the era we live & by deploying SMART technologies one can also save energy bills thereby efficiently managing your workplace & homes. SMART home owners can be more productive & spend more time with family”.

You can now rest assured that your home is safe, and you are in control. In the automation segment, SMART Automation has partnered with all the major brands like Panasonic, L&T, Honey well, Samsung. In the mobile surface technology segment, the company is working on all the three Platforms like Microsoft, Android and Apple. Smart Automation Technologies plans to concentrate initially in the Northern part of India and then later carry it forward to other part of the country. The company also provides design, installation, maintenance, and service support.