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One click towards Smart Homes!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Today technology has become an essential part of our ecosystem. Whether directly or indirectly we depend on it. Smart technology is the need of the future and also a step towards building a smart world around us.

After working for long hours in office, one needs a comfortable environment at the home. This increases the demand for Smart home. Smart home technology is the technology used to make all electronic devices around a house act “smart” or more automated.

Installation of smart products give the home and its occupants various benefits – the same benefits that technology and personal computing have brought to us over the past 30 years – convenience and savings of time, money and energy.

SMART Automation provides end-to-end home automation solutions including automation for commercial and hospitality space that allows users to monitor and control system features remotely from anywhere in the world.

It strives to simplify their lives with best of technology and has resorted to completely safe, green and environment-friendly practices that can be conveniently implemented in both, old, and new buildings.

Everything you do throughout your day is connected through smartphones and other surface technologies – arming the security system when you retire for the night, protecting your home from intruders, fire or water damage, checking on the welfare of your loved ones, unlocking the door for an expected visitor or adjusting the temperature to your comfort level – and doing it from wherever you happen to be, here or abroad – can be as easy as if you were right at home.

In the automation segment, SMART Automation has partnered with all the major brands. In the mobile surface technology segment, the company is working on all the three Platforms like Microsoft, Android, and Apple. The company also provides design, installation, maintenance, and service support.

CP Singh, founder and chief mentor of Smart Automation says, ”We are working with top most brands like Panasonic, Schneider, Honeywell, L&T and we are providing solution from all these brands. To complete our offering we have to opt solution from various brands and accordingly customer can pick and choose according to his needs and affordability. We provide security and surveillance solution, light, and automation. With this we help home owners to save electricity.”

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