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Welcome to the Smart Automation Media portfolio. In this section we have highlighted the major happenings in our company. We have designed this section to provide reporters with resources to learn more about the Smart Automation.

In this section you will find our media coverage, press releases, news clippings, TV clips and more.

Amar Ujala

Hi-tech-efficient house, with its centralised control of gizmos and gadgets/wireless conveniences
HT Premium Homes: 26th June 2015

Amar Ujala

Now control your home remotely from anywhere in the world
Amar Ujala: 17th April 2014

JBL Everest DelhiItes

JBL Everest DD66000 – DelhiItes
DelhiItes: 27 January 2014

JBL Everest India Today

JBL Everest DD66000 – India Today
India Today: 27 January 2014

JBL Everest India Today Home

JBL Everest DD66000 – India Today Homes
India Today Homes: 27 January 2014

Magic Brickes

Control your smart home with smart phone
MagicBricks : December 9, 2013

Financial Times

Home Automation Clicks Right Buttons in Noida (Image)
Financial Times, Noida, August 2013