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Life @ SMART

Looking to give your career a new elevation? Are you one way or the other connected to automation? Join us. We, Smart Automation Technologies, invite you to be a member of our smart and elite team. A surplus of opportunities awaits your career here.

At SMART, talented and innovative professionals, who have a knack of automation technology, who are backed by expertise, including freshers who want to make it big, are welcome. We are looking for committed and dedicated people who take challenges at ease and are always a step forward for achieving growth for the company and thereby of themselves.

Why should you spend time and exploit your skills for SMART? The remuneration we provide corresponds with your performance. You thus make your mind up what you earn. At a congenial work atmosphere, you get the freedom for using your potential to achieve the company’s goals and objectives and in return get rewarded. Attractive incentives and initiatives await SMART performers. Life at SMART is far from what you have imagined. You give more, you get more.

Learning, i.e. training and development is a continuous process at SMART. It is said learning never stops and there is no periphery of knowledge. We share knowledge to your benefit and to our advantage. You learn and you earn. Working is fun at SMART.

At SMART you not only fulfill your career aspirations but also maintain a equilibrium of your work life and your personal life. Here you have the prospect to grow and the tools to succeed. Automation is an evolving segment and is fast gaining momentum. Scope in this segment is vast. We launch state-of-the-art technologies and solutions that are superlative in the market! Be a part of SMART development and exploit the available opportunities.