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Green Lighting

Lighting up the nature with ‘Smart’ eco-friendly steps

Nature is perpetually indicating us to mend our ways. All we have been doing till now is living for ourselves. But the present ecological havoc makes it inevitable that we live for the environment as well. Hence the concept of Green Living was born. The world has been ‘Thinking Green’ for a quite some time now. However, SMART has chosen to ‘act’. SMART brings to you green lighting solutions that help you not only in purging the darkness of your home but also lighting the world green.

Energy conservation is the prime priority at SMART homes. When we say we build green buildings in India, we mean that we save every ounce of energy that is not in use. Buildings powered by Green Lighting solutions do not consume unnecessary energy. Obviously, when you can control the operations of all the electrical equipments remotely through your mobile phone at your green home, the scope of energy wastage is reduced a great deal. You can increase the intensity of the lights or dim them at will, switch to RGB or LED lights when low intensity lighting is sufficient; all it takes is a push of a button. LED and Solar Lights have longer life as against CFL tubes. CFL tubes when disposed after a year-long use pollute the soil and poison the land. Instead, the smart ways of lighting adopted by SMART lighting solutions save power as well as provide a beautiful ambience to the living spaces. Truly, they are the next generation lights.

Now you know, SMART homes are not only about leisure and convenience. They’re also about dwelling in peace with the nature.

At SMART, we understand that Green Energy is as precious as anything else in the nature. Preserving it takes small yet ‘smart’steps. Let’s take one now.

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