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Green Energy

It’s time for wise living. It’s time for Green Living

Ever wondered how simple things like turning off the computer or dimming the lights when not in use or using energy efficient equipments can help you contribute towards your environment? Presenting green buildings in India where you not only live leisurely, but also live wisely. SMART homes save you from a guilt trip of wasting energy and harming the environment for your leisure. Our mantra is “the unbeatable coupling of Green living and Automation”. That is, by automating the day to day tasks and processes, achieving leisurely living minus the reckless misuse of energy becomes easy.

While building homes we think about leisure, convenience and comfort. But do we realize that pleasures gained at the stake of environment don’t last long? Wise are those who keep the conservation of ecology as one of the prime priorities while building homes. SMART Commercial and Home Automation solutions are just an extension to this school of thought.

Judicious use of energy not only brings down the running costs but also benefits the environment. Obviously, when we harness the natural lights more often and use renewable resources like solar energy, our unreasonable dependency on the planet reduces substantially. Using Solar Power in the form of Solar UPS, Solar Water Heater, Solar Cooker etc. gives way to a sustainable life. Applicable on all kind of establishments whether residential or commercial, SMART energy control solutions save money by automatically turning on/off different electrical devices like Personal Computer, Television etc. when they are not in use. Being variable in nature, energy cost can be easily controlled through such effective automation strategies. SMART Automation is an assemblage of such strategies. That’s what we call sustainable development.

Our green concepts and ideas reduce the environmental impact of human existence and survival. That means, we shape up residences that aid in addressing national or even worldwide issues like,

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  • conservation of natural resources
  • consumer waste management
  • water efficiency
  • energy efficiency


To cut the long story short, SMART buildings are eco-friendly homes enhancing and improving the happiness, health and well-being of the occupants.

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