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Green Buildings

Green building to build sustainable path for better existence

Automation is futuristic technology. All the plans of development laid under automation are ahead of time. It justifies the purpose of following the path towards green living. Houses and commercial buildings are being erected on green building concepts. Eco friendly building material and green architectural concepts are being used in this process.

‘Smart Automation’ being an IGBC- Indian Green Building Council member, strictly supports Installation of energy efficient appliances in every nook of automated homes.Thus, a green home certainly has a lot more than just greenery in its surroundings. ‘IGBC Green Homes Rating System’ being first ever rating concept launched by Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), has got recognition on a global scale. With the greater impact of automated solar energy panels and superior set-ups, SMEs and bigger industries are going green. Dependency of industries on man made electricity is reducing or to be precise, it is shifting towards natural energy resources i.e. solar energy. Prior than introduction of such greater aspects of automation, it was nearly impossible to recognize and utilize this exponential power of sun.

Automation focuses on bringing in smart alternatives for natural fuel resources with man made creative options. This is a clear indication of sustainable growth for centuries. The threats hovering over planet earth because of disturbed environmental balance can be well taken care of by walking on the path of automation inspired green living.

The exponential growth of the housing sector in the last few years has benefited the Indian economy tremendously. However, in the process, it has posed some serious challenges to the environment. To ensure similar sustained growth in years to come, adoption of green home building concepts & techniques in housing sector is the need of the hour.

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