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R&D Department

Masters of technology at work

Home management and the routine chores add-on to the pressures of your professional life. It becomes worse when small-yet-significant jobs slip off your mind. But tiredness and forgetfulness are human flaws. How wonderful would it be if your life is consistently managed and taken care of with flawless efficiency! What if all your chores and the security, safety and quality of your home are automated? Bliss, isn’t it? That’s where SMART steps in.

SMART home automation and security systems strive to take the strain of your day-to-day tasks off your mind. Switching on your geyser in time, or turning off all the electrical equipments when you leave the house; SMART ensures that you never go wrong with your daily routine. Additionally, we take care that your home is never responsible for any kind of energy wastage. The lights are turned on the moment you step into the bathroom and even if you forget, they are switched off automatically the moment you step out. That means, not even an ounce of energy is wasted in a SMART automated green home. That’s how we ally with the environment.

SMART is armed with an array of top-of-the-cadre tech- veterans who can make your home come alive with innovative and interactive technological miracles. Our expert team serves, guards and manages your house and in turn, your lives too! The low cost, environment friendly solutions ensure you don’t make mistakes like leaving the AC of your room while moving out. Thanks to our RnD department, grave issues like waste control and leisure have become smooth as anything. We understand our customers’ needs and our products are customized as per their lifestyle and convenience. Needless to say, SMART is not just a name, but an attitude we follow.