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Experience Center Gurgaon

Wanna see home automation live in action? Come, Visit Smart Automation’s Gurgaon Experience Center – a state-of-the-art 4500 sq feet area exhibiting a super-empowered home environment by integrating various aspects of home automation systems. The Gurgaon experience center possesses the power to mesmerize you completely with the hi-tech world of automation and control systems.

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At Smart’s Gurgaon Experience Center, we’ve taken every possible step to bring you the Luxury, Convenience & Security features that Smart Homes entail. Here’s a stance at what we have in store for you.

Entertaining Home Theatre – The Luxury Quotient of every new age home these days is a home theatre. Imagine a Cinema experience 5 times better than a PVR. Smart’s Home Theatre at Gurgaon Experience Center is a live example of home entertainment at its best with features like:

  • 5.1 Surround Sound System by PSB/NAD brings audio to life.
  • Super Sonic JBL Everest Loudspeaker System DD66000 by JBL creates musical ecstasy.
  • All-in-One Intelligent Controllers by Control4 which operates A/C Controls, Curtain Controls, Light Controls besides controlling Set-Top Box, Media Player, Projector, Screen, Amplifiers, Surround Sound, Loudspeakers, NAS, Airport express, Xbox, FM Or Audio sites like Napster, Youtube…

Vigilant Home Security System – Have you ever thought of an average cost per burglary? The very thought is freezing! Investing in a Home Security System is undeniably a wise investment. Smart Home Security System at our Gurgaon facility features:

  • Smart Door Locks from the house of Samsung enable keyless door entry and prevent intruders by blocking doorlocks.
  • Video Door Phones empower you to see and speak to the visitor without opening the entrance door.
  • Surveillance Systems comprising CCTV Cameras & DVRs facilitate monitoring your home and kids remotely from anywhere in the world.

Automated Curtain Controls – Shades or Curtains are integral part of any home, besides décor curtains direct natural light, give sun protection, enable glare reduction and provide instant privacy in the house. Manual handling of curtains several times a day is an arduous task which can be sorted by Curtain Controls. At our Gurgaon Experience Center we’ve integrated Curtain Controls which add convenience to your lifestyle, featuring:

  • Curtain Controls by Somfy add a dose of convenience.
  • Garage Shutter Controls enhance security levels
  • Shades & Blinds Controls work as per natural light and climate.

Smart HVAC Controls – Air conditioning in summers and Heating in winters accounts to 80 percent of your electricity bills. With Smart Energy Management systems like HVAC (Heat Ventilation Air Conditioning) Controls you can set the temperature in any part of your house by the click of a button. HVAC controls enable:

  • Energy savings with occupancy based air conditioning
  • Heating/Cooling level of each and every area can be customized as per comfort
  • Remote Controlling of HVAC Controls from anywhere.

If any of the above functions interest you then it’s time you come and visit our Home Automation Experience Center – Gurgaon in the Delhi NCR. Our Smart Experts can create customized or retro fit solutions for your new or existing home. The Gurgaon Experience Center is an ideal establishment for home owners, interior designers and architects to comprehend the home automation technology up-close. It’s our endeavor to demonstrate home automation systems better by hands-on experience. Our Smart Experts escort you through each area of specialty at the Experience Center to answer any possible question that comes across your mind.

In short, Smart’s Experience Center is absolutely Home Automation Technology Personified! We invite you to personally experience this brilliant facility where luxury, security and convenience are ubiquitous!