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Demand for customized automated homes

Magic Bricks, Online November 2013

With working schedules getting hectic each day, real estate buyers today look out for tech-savvy homes that provide convenience, comfort and a secure living environment. CP Singh, founder, Smart Automation talks about the growing trend of automated homes in India and how new home-buyers are now opting to add automated elements to their properties. Excerpts from his interview with Neha Nagpal, Magicbricks Bureau:

What are automated homes? How different they are from luxury houses?

The concept of automated homes has evolved from pressing buttons to open a door or to start off an oven with remote and now it is more about securing your house and being able to remotely observe and control the space from any part of the world. As an add-on, automated homes tend to be much more energy efficient than the conventional homes. They are different from luxury houses in the view of the technology used. In luxury housing, everything that is part of the house belongs to the premium category, whereas in automated houses, technology solutions are used depending on requirements and as per the budget.

What is construction cost for such projects per unit?

Since these homes can be customised according to needs and budgets, home owners have started contemplating the adoption of technology to ensure comfort, convenience and personal security. India is a very price-sensitive market. But we have different solutions for different target audience. A typical home automation can range from Rs 7000 to a lakh of rupees, depending upon the different technologies you are looking for. The cost for home automation can simply be slashed down by choosing and customising the features you wish to have.

Is the Indian audience ready for automated homes?

Yes, the Indian audience is gearing up for home automation. The demand for fully and completely integrated, comprehensive home automation solutions has picked up substantially in the last two-three years. Popularity of home automation has been picking up greatly due to affordability and access connectivity brought together by smart phones and tablets. According to market observers, the home automation market in India is growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 30 per cent. This growth in the home automation is mainly driven by the consumer’s desire for an up-gradation of their lifestyle.

In which cities across India, the demand for such homes has been witnessed?

Intelligent and automated homes have arrived in India, particularly in metros such as Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore, albeit for a select strata of society.

What kind of buyer looks for such home?

Automated homes are part of luxury housing and are majorly preferred by the upper middle class. Our customers live in the metropolitan cities, are tech-savvy and are open for products that provide convenience, comfort and a secure living environment. They look forward to make homes comfortable for elders and young children. They are ultra HNI (High Net-Worth Individuals), who are well informed and have widely travelled and thus know the best that’s available in the world.