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Complexity simplified’ – this is another terminology for ‘convenience’. Technology has altogether changed the very concept of convenience. Every technological invention has brought change, affecting lifestyles. Home automation is one of the greatest breakthroughs, enhancing convenience and improving lifestyles. At Smart Automation Technologies, innovation is the cornerstone for home automation, patterning convenience to your complete advantage. Intelligent management of your homes the smart and innovative way happens only with SMART.

Technological invention turns out to be a gift to mankind depending on its impact on the environment, on lifestyles, and on chores simplified. We, Smart Automation Technologies, function with the objective of contributing to a green environment, on a large scale thus making an effort to save the coming generations from the worst effect of environment. Green ideas and going green are what drives us to serve you. Smart CSR is all about creating a green milieu, turning the earth a safer place to live in.

With our sustainable responsible business, providing the A-Z of green smart home automation solutions, we promote a positive impact on the environment and the society as a whole, on our consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all others in the paraphernalia.

Every activity at SMART is a CSR activity. Be a part of the SMART CSR activity and be a part of the green environment. There can be no better greener perspective than smartly managing your home with a touch of the finger no matter how far you are away, thus saving electricity, saving energy, and keeping your home secured. Our goal is to reach maximum homes, thus saving maximum energy.

The era of smart technology has already begun with Smart Automation Technologies. ‘Green’ is what we stand for and what we promise. Go green the SMART way!