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Ways to enhance kitchen with automation technology

A new wave of innovative technology that is gradually influencing our everyday lives is automation. Visualize about automated homes or smart homes, of repetitive activities happening automatically, all with the touch of a button on your smartphone or i-pad. It is not only about managing your home’s lighting, HVAC, and other electrical systems remotely via smartphone and i-pad control but also enjoying comfort and convenience like never before amid a stressful busy schedule.

What about the smart kitchen in smart homes? The following activities do happen automatically:

  • Activate lighting of the kitchen
  • Pre-heat oven from anywhere
  • Activate the kettle
  • Turn on the microwave few minutes before reaching home to heat the food you kept before you left for work
  • Turn on the toaster or coffee machine
  • Turn on other electrical appliances used in the kitchen
  • Activate smart cookers for auto cooking
  • Set mood lighting ambience with LED lights in the kitchen according to occasion
  • Get alerted in case of fire emergency via installation of smoke sensor and gas leak sensor
  • Brighten fixtures around dining table and dim the task lights.

The use of motorized spice rack and pop-ups from the kitchen counter is part of the smart kitchen technology in smart homes. It is the era of the multi media kitchen, of smartphone and ipad control, of touch panels.

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