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Summer proof your Home with Home Automation!

Summers are here and one can imagine the hot and humid weather scaling through the day, power cuts and electricity bills going up with the rising temperature. These 3 issues that every Indian faces during Summers has 2 simple solutions that ensure a Summer Proof Home:

1. HVAC and Thermostats – Save Energy and Reduce your Electricity Bills:

In summers more than half of your utility bill accounts to Air Conditioning therefore it’s quintessential to have HVAC Control system in place. You can set a target temperature and the HVAC sensors take action accordingly; thereby adjusting the actual room temperature to desired levels. In addition to automatically adjusting the temperature, HVAC system also works according to the occupancy of the rooms thereby turning on and off the Air Conditioning when the room is occupied or vacated.

2. Use Solar Energy – Harness Green Power
If you are building a new home or thinking about renovating your old one then it’s time you harness Green Energy and create a Green building for your sustainable dwelling. Being an IGBC (Indian Green Building Council) member, Smart automation technologies ensures that you maximize energy consumption for your home from Solar panels thereby reducing your dependency on main electricity supply. Therefore, you save big on your electricity bills and day long power cuts do not cut comfort from your lifestyle.

Home automation is not just about creating luxury homes, it’s also about Energy saving and promoting a green environment around us! The solutions aided by Home automation ensure comfort via optimal deployment of resources.

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