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LED Lights for energy conservation

A rapidly evolving lighting technology deemed highly effective in energy conservation is LED (light emitting diode), more popularly known as LED lights. Yes, the greatest potential impact on smart energy management happens with LEDs, as is proved by surveys. With smart homes equipped with home automation technology, use of LED lights for energy management is only gaining momentum by the day.

Enlisted below are few facts about LED lights

  • Use 75 percent lesser energy compared to incandescent bulbs
  • Last 25 times more than traditional bulbs
  • Emit light in a specific direction
  • Very effective in task lighting and recessed downlights
  • Emit very little heat, thus reducing a building’s carbon footprint
  • Ideal for home and various industrial uses
  • Enhance the décor of any room
  • Ideal in kitchen for lighting countertops for cooking
  • Decorative LED lights are safer, sturdier, and easier to install
  • Best source for ambience or mood lighting
  • Come to full brightness in a second compared to traditional lighting
  • Emit a wide range of colors
  • Average lifespan of 30,000 or more hours
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Highly durable; LEDs do not break like bulbs.

Are you living in smart homes? Start using LED lights and save big on electricity bills month after month!

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