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How to save money on your energy bills?

Saving money is big on everyone’s agenda especially when it comes to energy bills. For a moment think about your daily energy consumption, I’m sure you’d agree that the major chunk of your electricity bill is consumed by Air Conditioners, second to which is Lights, third is Fans and then the other Misc electronics. Let’s take a look at a few home automation products easily available in India that can reduce your electricity bill by a splendid margin:

1. HVAC Controllers:

Air conditioners can burn a hole in your pocket; however with home automation products like HVAC controllers and programmable thermostats you can optimize the usage of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning in your smart home.

2. LED Lights

If you are still using those iridescent bulbs or CFLs then it’s time you makeshift to the world of LEDs – the energy efficient bulbs of a modern household. LED Lights may expense more as compared to the traditional bulbs or CFLs however they last for a longer time, so the cost factor evens out. Also, LEDs consume less than half energy and emit more white light so you do more with less. Furthermore, LEDs can even uplift your mood if you choose mood lighting as part of your home automation system.

3. Light and Fan Controls:

Its summers and fans spin 24×7 in most Indian households. There are events when fans keep running at a higher speed than needed thereby consuming more power. Similarly, there are times when there is no occupancy but because you want the room to be visible so you turn on the lights therein consuming full energy. Home automation solutions like Light and Fan controls use dimmers and relays to adjust the lighting level and fan speed thereby offering you significant energy savings.

Besides these energy saving home automation solutions, you can make a conscious effort to switch off the unused electronic appliances like TVs, phone chargers, UPS, monitors, laptop chargers; use thick curtains or shades to stop direct sunlight from coming in and warming the house and always use energy star rated appliances as they consume 30% less energy than the traditional ones. Happy Energy Saving!

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