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Home Automation – A boon for working parents

So, you as a working parent are confident that your home will alert you if any security emergency arises or if anything is amiss! Irrespective of where you are whether at your workplace, at the shopping centre, or holiday destination anywhere in the world, you can monitor your home in real time. This is the wonder of home automation! Remote monitoring via smartphone / ipad control, thus ensuring kids security at home, becomes easy with CCTV cameras, access control and other surveillance systems.

Yes, home automation is a boon for working parents. You enjoy peace of mind irrespective of where you are. Just a touch of the button on your smartphone or ipad control and you can view the activities in your home. Here is a list of few of the many benefits related to kids safety and their convenience:
· Monitor every corner of your home via CCTV cameras and other surveillance systems
· Keep tab of kids’ action at home, thus maintaining disciplined activities even in your absence
· Control and restrict access of strangers via remote monitoring through access control
· Scare away intruders by utilizing alarm systems
· Alert neighbors and concerned authorities immediately in case of burglary or fire emergency
· Manage and control lights / HVAC when kids get home from school.
A little bit of home automation technology integrated with security systems can help you create a safer home environment!

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