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Deploying best home security system for complete peace of mind

Times have changed and there is little possibility that there is some person round the clock to take care of your home. Leaving your home vacant or just with your kids inside is the usual practice now-a-days. Such a situation is ideal for house breaking or burglary. As a check against such possibilities an adequate home security system needs to be in place. Present generation security systems are not confined to locks and keys, but include surveillance devices, locking systems, and alarms. With all these devices the security of your home stands guaranteed.

Surveillance devices

Video cameras and CCTV are the most affordable and feasible form of surveillance device that could ensure safety for smart home. These cameras have become smarter and viewer’s screen is not an usual monitor. Images from these cameras could be sent directly to your mobile phone with the assistance of applications. Multiple sleek looking cameras are placed in strategic locations and kept on. Through these cameras a continuous vigil could be kept through your smartphone. These cameras could view objects in low light or indoors. Remote automated home security lighting helps to create illumination in dark. Once the inside and outside of your house is lit up you continue to receive images from your installed cameras.


Alarms in various forms add to the security of your home. In cases of intrusion or breakages an alarm is automatically triggered on your mobile. Indoor and outdoor sensors fitted in strategic locations get activated when there are attempts of unauthorised intrusions. These sensors could be fitted on window panes, doors, main entrance, garage doors and so on. These sensors are capable of sending alarms to your smartphone once they get activated. As these are able to transmit sounds you could hear sounds of breaking glass or doors in cases of breakages.

Dangers could also begin from inside such as leakages in plumbing lines, gas pipes, or fire from short circuits. Environmental sensors are used to detect such changes in environment. These sensors could be installed in bathroom, kitchen, basement, living room, and bed rooms. In fact, since danger knows no limit it is always advisable to stay prepared than be sorry later. Alarms are sent to your feature phone.

Locking Systems

Generally, by security we understand locks and keys. Now automated locking systems have replaced traditional mechanical locks. Electronic locks with remote operation capability are now widely used. These could be operated with wireless remotes. Being a single touch operation it could be operated by even a child. Doors could be locked electronically with the help of alpha-numeric keypads. You just need to put in your correct alpha-numeric combination for opening closed doors. Another form of access control popular among householders are biometric controls. These electronic locking systems recognize human retina, human face, hand impression and finger prints. Your home security system is already fed with these data. When your sensor recognises any of these, your door gets unlocked.

For a totally automated home security system it is thus essential to have all these three category of products. A professional consultation is best for your perfect security solution.

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