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Curtain Automation – Curtain Control made easier than ever!

Home automation has changed our hectic lives by transforming everyday tasks into seamless technical mechanism. You simply relax in a fully automated home as chores like switching on lights, fans, a/c, tv… is taken care by home automation controls. Did you know that home automation technology can even automate your curtains? Yes, it is possible to do different settings of home or office curtains and blinds by curtain automation.

Different settings of curtains help differently. On a sunny day in winters, the heat and sunlight is welcomed, thereby you would like to keep the curtains of the house in an open mode; however, on a similar sunny day in summers you would like glare and heat reduction, thereby keeping the curtains closed would be the best option. In another scenario, you may like to wake up with the morning sunrise and wish if someone could just open the curtains when the sun rises. To command privacy you may like the curtains to close when the lights turn on inside the house. Curtains can serve endless functions however manually opening and closing the curtains may seem like a herculean task when you have to repeat it several times in a day. This is where the need of curtain automation arises.

Curtain automation works irrespective of the fabric or weight of your curtains. It’s quite easy to operate and customize settings for curtain automation at home or office. You can operate curtain controls from your smartphone, ipad or even through a central function. Watch one of our videos from Smart Automation’s Gurgaon Experience Center showcasing how curtain automation makes curtain control easier than ever!

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