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Reduce energy bills through Smart Office automation

In a situation of spiraling cost and increasing prices efforts should be made to reduce expenditure. Expenditure reduction becomes easier after installing Smart office automation solution. This automation solution makes use of energy efficient electrical gadgets that economize on power consumption and hence keep monthly bills down. The types of electrical appliances used in a commercial set up are different from those of a home and hence its automation techniques are distinctive.

Automation in a commercial setup

Using LED – Commercial automation is mostly about superior quality wiring, proper earthing, use of energy efficient climate controllers, and LEDs. For any commercial establishment the use of lamps is huge. The easiest way of reducing energy consumption is by changing over to LED (light emitting diode) illumination sources. LED consumes 75 percent less electricity as compared to incandescent sources, 50 percent as compared to fluorescent tubes, and 25 percent as compared to CFL (condensed fluorescent light). These LED sources could be used in work areas, show windows, and even exhibition halls.

Another benefit of using LEDs is that they come in varying colours: blue, green, pink, white, orange and so on. Depending on your requirement these different shades of LEDs might be lighted. These are also used as decorative lights for buildings, lawns, and courtyards. These lights though used in different locations of a building could be controlled from a single location. This is the advantage of using smart technology for your lighting solution. With the help of this technology and through the use of a single control unit LED sources could be switched on or off, dimmed and brightened. By using power judiciously your energy expenses could be reduced considerably.

Climate control – Climate control is another vital electrical function in an office or commercial setup. Particularly in a country like India where there are pronounced summer, rainy, and winter seasons artificial climate control becomes a necessity. The use of air-conditioners being extensive in most parts of this country, substantial energy could be conserved if star rated appliances are used. An appliance is rated 1-5 stars with 5 being the most power efficient. Areas that need extensive use of climate controllers should ideally use 4 or 5 star rated machines as these use energy intelligently.

For a Smart office you could have a centralised climate control. Temperatures could be controlled as per requirement and not as per a set standard. An intelligent air-conditioner could sense the number of persons present inside a room and accordingly regulate its temperature. Power usage automatically comes down when number of persons inside a room reduces since the climate controller automatically adjusts to lower ventilation requirements. Using a centralised control it is possible to monitor your entire office premises without moving much. This control is normally located in a strategic location so that is is easily accessible from all directions of your commercial complex.

Office equipments – Computers, photocopiers, printers, and surveillance equipments are widely used in most offices. Care needs to taken to use only environment friendly and energy saver machines.

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