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Redefine the ambience with automatic lighting

Visualize about controlling individual or groups of lights of your home from your smart phone or i-pad from anywhere – indoors and outdoors. Or just think about automated lighting controls wherein the right amount of light where and when needed is provided automatically based on occupancy. Just enter a room and lights turn on robotically and off when you leave! Today, where energy conservation, compliance to green building, and home automation are gaining grounds, maximizing energy savings in lighting controls happens significantly with LED lights.

What about redefining the ambience of your home? Mood lighting is the answer here! This happens with LED lights including RGB strips, LED strips, and LED panel. Come a weekend party, a family get-together or any party occasion, you can create a colorful ambience with LED lighting cost effectively.

Yes, the smallest change in your home settings with mood lighting can make a big difference in the overall ambience! Color your home ambience according to your mood when you want it. Think about romance and you can use your smart phone or i-pad to change your mood lighting to shades of red. To warm your soul after a stressful day at work, you can turn the lighting to shades of yellow or green. Saving big on electricity bills and feeling great have never been so easy!

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