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Necessity of CCTV Cameras

CCTV or closed circuit cameras are effective and highly useful video surveillance cameras, which are used in the effective transmissions of the signals and constant monitoring over a particular area. These vigilance cameras are normally found in homes, offices, traffic intersections, train stations, airports and major highways. These are the most effective protective and security systems which provide a lot of advantages. One of the major benefits is the effective protection of the physical presence of the home dwellers and the official staffs. It also provides necessary protection against any criminal activities and also keep proper track on the cash flow and movements. It also provides effective protection to the companies from the unnecessary hazards from the lawsuits. It keeps constant vigilance on the office employees and the visitors of the official premises. It highly restricts illegal or criminal activities in the various commercial places like restaurants, airports, hotels, shopping malls and others. It is also highly useful in the effective monitoring of the traffic jams, car accidents and road accidents and help in the proper vigilance of the public movements in the various public areas.

Components of the CCTV cameras

CCTV camera is one of the vital components of the home security automation system. These cameras are highly useful in the recording of audio and visual images for the purpose of surveillance. The CCTV cameras with the effective IP addresses are highly useful for tracking the entire happening of the buildings which can be viewed from any place of the world.


DVR or digital video recorder is just similar to a VCR, where the hard drives store the various recorded images and information like computers. It highly replaces the tape recording and leads to the effective live recording with the help of digital video. It is the most advanced security system which is highly useful for recording the informations by 16 vigilance cameras altogether. The improved digital cameras are highly efficient to save the real time recording for a longer time and can be easily transmitted to the computer system if required.

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