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Interactive Glass – Changing the way we live

The simplified and convenient lives we live today are all a boon of technology. We all get accustomed to the new technologies as they touch our lives. Our lifestyle gets changed consequently! Yes, we have seen and experienced the transformation from dial-up telephones to touchscreen mobile handsets, from black and white TV to the  3D LCD. So, you have heard and used the  HP dreamscreen, the internet device where touch makes a whole lot of things happen – entertaining, educating, and bringing people together. And you have enjoyed using the HP touchscreen. Who is not familiar with Interactive TV (iTV) and its ‘return path’ information flow that facilitates interaction between broadcaster and viewer. These are technologies that have happened and are happening.

Just visualize the future Smart home with touchscreen technology on glass and how it will affect the way we steer our day-to-day activities. A touch of your fingertip on the glass surface and you see things happening. Whether you are at work or at home, on the move or shopping, interactive glass surfaces will help you stay connected to your world. Seamless delivery of real-time information happens in seconds, all with the touch. As you wake up from your bed, a touch on the transparent interactive glass placed on your bedroom LCD will transport you to a world of possibilities. As you get involved in cooking, you can chat with your friends and relatives, stay updated, shop, schedule activities, and more with a few touches of your fingertips on the interactive glass surface placed on your kitchen table top. Imagine organizing your schedule for the day touching your bathroom mirror! Think about the thin glass displaying page after page of your favorite novel. Wherever you want, on the door, on your phone, on your wall, on your car dashboard – glass touchscreens can be placed.

Yes ordinary surfaces can be turned into electronic devices! You will find the world on your fingertips! The wonder of the touch and technology – the integration will make all the difference. This is what tomorrow is about. This is how glass will bring transparency to a visual world. Rigorous research activities are on. Soon the concept of interactive glass surfaces will turn imaginations into reality! This is only a tip of the iceberg of how the future of technology is going to influence us. Get ready for the future. Technology is here to automatically simplify your lives further.

Smart will make this happen.

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