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Improved security with RFID technology

Think about security and surveillance…if you are tech savvy, the first term that will flash in your mind will of course be ‘RFID’ or Radio Frequency Identification. The specialty about RFID is that it can scan objects up to a distance of 100 meters. Even if objects under the scanner are tightly packed together or their exterior markings removed, marred, or masked, they can be easily identified! There can be no safer and improved way of keeping track of your possessions using RFID

Better accuracy and efficiency are guaranteed in this technology. Yes, if you compare RFID with previous security and surveillance technologies, the former scores in many aspects. But this does not mean undermining the earlier technologies. With passing time, newer and more innovative technologies have been introduced and it is all about implementing the newest to our advantage.

So, what is the working mechanism of RFID? If you label any object with an RFID tag, you are provided with a tiny similar monitoring device. You set a comfort zone for the object. Once the labeled object goes away from the comfort zone, an alarm will set off in the monitoring device and you track your object easily.

RFID usage

  1. Vehicle access control in highly secured buildings
  2. Effective passive-entry systems and anti-theft immobilizers
  3. Tagging of precious items
  4. VIP club members’ access to club facilities
  5. Added security and convenience in automobiles
  6. Tourism for added convenience
  7. Protection of animals from poachers in jungles
  8. Tracking wild animals in ecological studies
  9. Optimization of livestock value, pets tagging
  10. Easy tracking of assets
  11. Use in supply chain
  12. Contact-less payments, and the list goes on

Smart Automation Technologies offers cost effective RFID solutions helping the businesses / enterprises and other segments get the real value out of the system.

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