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Home automation- A boon for old age parents & specially abled

Extra care and attention – this is what the old gentry of people and the differently or specially abled need every moment. Where hectic schedules impact upon our time and our availability at home, can we take care of our old age parents and the differently abled every moment? Certainly not! Thanks to the evolution of smart homes! Home automation technology is indeed a boon for old age parents and the differently abled. They can live independently, comfortably, confidently, and conveniently, taking control of their home environment their way! Using the smart phone or the i-pad control, centralized control and use of home systems happens without human involvement.

Smart devices were designed specially for the differently abled years ago for remotely using certain home systems. Today smart devices are the smart phone and i-pad control. Just a touch of the button lets old age parents and the differently abled switch on audio/TV, HVAC, and electronic devices. Again a touch lets them control curtains, fans, lights, security devices, etc. Use of panic button and sensors are integral in smart homes for old age parents and the differently abled. While sensors detect motion and movement of intruders, touching the panic button alerts family members and neighbors of any possible security threat.

Yes, smart homes make life easier for people of all categories. Besides, home automation increases energy efficiency significantly.

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