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Empowering the woman of today!

Chasing dreams and achieving goals’ is the mantra, the attitude, the outlook of the women of today. An enterprising daughter, a confident wife, a doting mother – today’s  woman focuses on personal growth & building strong career. It is all about the empowered woman. Enter the terrain of automation technology in the context of a modern home and you will be encountered with myriad possibilities. Automation has added a new dimension to women empowerment.

An endless list of probabilities, of repetitive tasks automated, of safety, of effortlessness, of convenience welcomes you. Yes, the dream home that you have imagined of can be given shape, your way, to your advantage. Irrespective of whether you are a busy working mother, or have dependent aged members at home or just plain tech savvy, automation and security is the solution for you.

Automation of the home can bring a marked difference in the way everyday lives are lived. Everything can be controlled with the touch of a button on your smart phone or any smart interface. Have a maid at home to manage daily chores? When you’re not home, you are nagging about little doubts. Did you turn off the air conditioner? Did you set the security alarm? Are the kids doing their homework or watching television? With a smart home system, you could forget all your worries with a quick trip online or just checking out your smartphone. You can keep track of their activities from your office and from anywhere. Have children who come back from school hours before you arrive? Keep tab on their routine activities and see them turn productive right from where you are! Worried about strangers and intruders gaining entry to your home in your absence?Your home is there to take care of itself, keeping the family members within safe and secured!

The integrated security system – CCTV camera, hidden camera, access control, alarm systems, sensors and detectors, etc. – does it all. Bothered about the huge electricity bills every month? Worry not again! Optimum usage of energy is guaranteed with automation. You save big on electricity bills every month. Yes, you stay empowered in every aspect of life.

These days we all look forward for practical & functional smart homes. It is not enough to adorn it with beautiful tiles & paints. SMART offers luxury, comfort & convenience and enables you live smarter by providing customized technology solutions like:

  • Your home welcoming you with lights changing shades and dimming according to your mood.
  • The garden is watered to your satisfaction at the right time
  • The porch lights are on without your interference
  • A chilled milieu indoors in summer and a warm setting in winters
  • Lights turn on or brighten up as you move from room to room
  • The coffee brewing so that you unwind having sips
  • Music turns on or the TV plays your favorite channel
  • Blinds get pulled down by themselves, and the list goes on.

There can be no better way than fulfilling all duties and responsibilities efficiently and having a feel of a complete woman, a woman of substance. Thanks to automation technology!

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