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Contemporary generation’s smart move: Smart city

The world of today salutes the technology, which has built a bridge to a brighter and better tomorrow. The concept of smart cities is fetching wonderfulness to the lives of people belonging to twenty first century. The concept of smart cities indicates towards the healthiest side of technology. Smart living, smart security features and of course smart careers. Yes! The trend and business of smart cities is leaping and bounding marvelously that it has introduced wonderful & secured lifestyle experience to the world seeking for it and countless opportunities for those, who seek a promising career. The ‘smart city’ idea is driven by desire of mankind to discover intelligent, automated and adequate concept of comfort and protection.

Smart cities are powered with such intelligent & highly efficient monitoring solutions based on innovative technologies dedicated towards betterment of human life and protecting it from any sort of humane and natural danger.  The driving force behind increased inclination of the generation towards smart cities is the availability of huge network of security sensors, CCTV camera, IP surveillance, full-circle security, wireless devices, data centers, implementation of digital innovations, central monitoring and powerhouse, enhanced social media support, smart energy meters, retail & hospitality and much more.

As per the predictions of experts, upcoming 25 years are yet to witness the mobilization of semi-urban and rural population towards cities, which is 70% of the total. This is an indication towards augmentation in the load of these cities such as increased population causing lack of place to handle them, dwindled energy and disturbed balance of the living standards of people. Hence, there is an urgent demand for development of such smart cities to live, where energy conservation and preservation of other important resources can be taken into consideration. This also indicates towards increased employment opportunities in this section as a separate industry.

More about Smart lifestyle served by smart cities can be better understood by conducting a comparative analysis between smart cities and traditional cities. Beginning with the safety and security issues that persist due to the lack of or limited security option in traditional cities, Whereas Smart cities are backed with enhanced security via IP surveillance. In traditional cities, people can only put security devices in their homes, whereas in Smart cities, the whole city is safe via electronic and high tech solutions.

In the world of uncertainties, where probabilities of criminal instances have increased, Smart cities have become the mandate factor to ensure detection and prevention of such crime-oriented activities. Traffic has grown stubborn and has become major problem troubling humankind to the core. To deal with these issues, smart cities are introducing necessary provisions to balance it with the extemporization in the city.

Special optical connectivity is present in smart cities, whereas in simple cities, non-reliable wiring and connectivity is done that puts the security on stake.

SMART, being India’s leading automation company estimates the potential risks hovering over generation of today and hence it has planned to come up with the concept of Smart city, which is based on green living concept. The exclusive features of this Smart city comprise, green buildings having cost saving movement sensors installed in them, complete security via modern security equipment, complete energy conservation through installation of LEDs and energy meters, complete health care through smart hospitals, education amenities, hotels, adequate water management to prevent water limitation crisis and intelligent traffic management via central monitored automated devices.

These are intelligence cities that have everything that a man of modern world could have ever imagined.

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