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Concept of PLC

PLC is programmable Logic Controllers. This kind of high technology based, advanced digital computers are specially designed for effectively performing the various activities of industrial automation methods. They serve the purposes of automation, assembly lines of factories, control of machinery and others. Unlike the normal computers, these are highly used for performing multiple inputs as well as output arrangements. They highly follow the programming languages which include ladder logic, mnemonic instruction, structured text, IEC 61131-3 standard, function block diagram and others.

PLC is highly flexible, durable, cost-effective and multitasked computer system. It can easily detect the errors and make necessary changes by effective alteration in the circuit designs. It does not require constant monitoring and can easily make the work of trouble shooting as well as maintenance. It is highly safe for the human beings and also enhances the productivity by the effective reduction of the operational costs. It also provides necessary resistances to the weather extremities like rainfall, snowfall, sunlight, strong winds, storms and others. Some of the effective products of SMART which are highly controlled by this mechanism include motor controller, SCADA and touch screen displays.

Motor controller

The advanced controlling system of the motor controllers is highly regulated by the advanced mechanism of PLC. These motors controllers are highly useful for dealing with the various kinds of activities which normally depend on the various purposes. These activities include the effective controlling of the window curtains, door openings, sprinklers and others. These controllers control the various low powered motors in the building as per the directions received from the specific operating signals of the microprocessor in accordance of the set programs.


SCADA or supervisory control and data acquisition is that kind of industrial computer controlling system, which is highly useful in effectively controlling and monitoring the industrial, facility based or infrastructural processes. In most of the cases, the various controlling actions of SCADA are highly regulated by either RTUs or PLCs. The SCADA system is highly involved in the overall monitoring of the loop performance while passing through either RTUS or PLCs.

Touch screens/ Plates/ Panels

Nowadays, the touch screen panels are highly used in the laptops, tabs, mobiles and others. This kind of electronic based visual display is highly used in the detection of the presence as well as location of touch within the area of display. These panels are highly flexible, luxurious, and sleek and can be easily cleaned and used. In the resent era, this kid of advanced technology is highly getting used in homes as well by replacing the electrical switch boards. The entire room’s device can be highly and efficiently controlled by just a single touch of the single touch panels.

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