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Automation techniques enabling you to manage farms from your homes

India being  master in agriculture since ages is always keener to discover newest methods of improved farming. To introduce faster farming process and increased productivity, automated farms have emerged as leading concept. Based on smart technology, these farming techniques are fully automatic. They not only increase the speed of farming activities, but also reduce the cost invested. Since, the workforce deployed in farming process is being replaced by automatic machines, the productivity standards grow beyond excellence.


No matter it is farm preparation, plantation of crops, spraying the fertilizers or harvesting, each step can be managed with the help of automation, which is totally scientific. This has enabled the farmers to enjoy complete control on each farming activities while sitting at their homes. The GPS based systems are powerful enough to track the position of crops, irrigation and protection of yield. Here are some of the major benefits associated with automated farming:

  • Effective crop management
  • Adequate distribution of growth resources like water, fertilizers, seeds and chemicals etc.
  • Effective communication establishment through advanced monitoring systems such as sensors, GPS systems and alarms.
  • Complete agro data management and application control through agriculture automation suite.

These next gen solutions have presented the world with visionary concepts of upgrading farming concept on major scale.

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