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Automate drapes with the perfect curtain automation at your fingertips

Visualize about convenience and luxury of motorized curtain. It is curtain control at your fingertips from your i-pad or smart phone! Yes, without having to get up from your place and without manual involvement, you can open and close your curtains anytime.

Curtain automation lets your curtains easily and quickly do exactly what you want them to. You can even set the auto opening and closing time in sync with your short nap, your outing, your holidaying, and what not! Through central function and control from your i-pad or smart phone, you can even open and close several curtain blinds together at set times. One of the leading brands of curtain automation is Somfy. With the Somfy smart app, managing and controlling curtain blinds has never been so easy.

Based on the décor of your home, you can choose the right motorized drapes powered by Somfy. This software suits all types of fabrics and designs. Enhance the décor of your home with motorized curtain blinds and join the league of dwellers in the high-end home luxury segment. Yes, automation and control can significantly change the way you live and work besides enhancing your lifestyle standards.

Power your smart phone or i-pad with the Somfy smart app and enjoy perfect curtain control at your fingertips!

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